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madeleinebella's Journal

"Let them dream of things impossible." - Laura Whipple

3 August
Oh hey there. So this is where I summarize myself in just a few lines, eh? All right then, here goes.

My eyes are green, but my hair has been every colour of the rainbow. Among other things, I spend my days doing philosophy with young kids, practicing yoga, and making raw vegan treats. Also studying.
Some say I'm too loud; some say I'm too quiet. I can spend hours browsing in a secondhand bookstore. Paradoxes and poetry are thrilling. I use too many adjectives and too many commas; I'm a fan of the semicolon. I probably drink too much caffeine.
I plan to stop procrastinating quite so much. Starting tomorrow.
I'm happiest when on the move and surrounded by sunflowers, good tea, and good friends. Dark dark dark chocolate makes me giddy.
This is my journal.

Note: Friends only. Please feel free to message me to be added.


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